B Group was born, not from a hotelier’s heritage, or the purse of an accountant, or the efficiencies of an administrator. It was born from a divergent collective of creative minds: designers, architects, inventors, entrepreneurs and ultimately customers. All of whom recognise the powerful potential of truly memorable experiences.

The leader of the band is Andrew McIntosh: Entrepreneur, Investor, Media network owner, Adventurer, Photographer and former tourism operator, but most importantly he has an insatiable desire to be a generous, entertaining and a supportive host.

Our team work to one guiding light – to create memorable experiences that can be shared with both guests and staff alike. Individual experiences, shared experiences, experiences so good you want to share them with the world. So good, the industry sits up and realises just how far behind the eight ball they are. But by the time they’ve caught up, we’ll be another 10 steps ahead.

The culture behind B is driven by not what we do but why we do it. It’s that thinking that we believe produces great experiences. We don’t set out to do something special for what it is, it’s why we do it. Why you want to do it we believe is at the essence of wonderful experiences, businesses and people. So why B, why hotels and why these unique food and beverage experiences. It’s about doing something we can be proud of, it’s about doing something we can build from a fresh slate, to crave and ultimately stand back and watch our new friends engage with our creations. We believe if we look after the “why” the “what” will look after itself.

Waimarino - Queenstown

Enveloped by the crystal clear blue waters and awe-inspiring mountains, Waimarino lodge sits on the edge of Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown New Zealand. Encompassing 24 luxury villas and a stunning owners residence which is available to hire Waimarino sets a new benchmark in premium accommodation.

Surrounded by native bush the site connects you to nature whilst a short walk takes you to the edge of the lake. The venue has its own kitchen garden and micro orchard and has sustainability at its core.

Features include yoga studio and spa and the Still Waters micro distillery.


The Theodore - Wanaka

The Theodore hotel sits in the very heart of Wanaka, New Zealand. This 57 room / suite venue includes a ground level cafe and roof top bar. The centre piece of the property is its internal courtyard with pentague pit, pizza oven, barbecue and outdoor gardens. Guest have access to a beautiful guest lounge with open fire and all the luxuries of home.

Guests get to roll their own pizza’s using fresh produce from the garden.


Waiora Queenstown

Waiora is a stunning home we are developing close to Queenstown



A large contemporary home to be developed overlooking Lake Wakatipu


Pārore Queenstown

This private oasis is located a short 8 minute drive from Queenstown’s CBD. Comprising of 6 large suite style bedrooms, this stunning home has expansive open plan living, dining and kitchen areas that flow seamlessly onto a huge deck that looks out over Lake Wakatipu, Cecil Peak and the Remarkable mountain ranges.


Still Waters Distillery

We source the water for our artisan spirits from nearby glacier fields. The distillery is about creation, having hands on fun and making some of the most beautiful spirits possible. We use native New Zealand botanicals to infuse our gins whilst our vodka is 7 X distilled in our hand made small batch copper stills.

We used organic growing and distilling methods. Grapes not suitable for wine from local vineyards are use to form our base spirit. Our spirits have a flavour that you will rarely find in bulk produced commercial spirits. We pride ourselves on a silky-smooth mouth feel alongside our signature botanical undertones.


The B Group didn't set out to be property developers but when we started looking for hotel and hospitality sites we either couldn’t find a suitable building or decided it was better to create a purpose built facility. We now build bespoke developments to house our business operations.

In designing a building we collaborate with some of the best in the business, from architects to artists, interior designers to builders. It’s fair to say we are rather passionate about the spaces we create and get excited when we find talented people that share our passion. Our door is always open so if you like the look of what we are creating feel free to get in touch.

We are not in the business of building homes or commercial buildings. We only take on or get involved in buildings that house our operational businesses. The locations we select must be suited to our businesses and fit our target criteria (see below). We seek to add value to the property though our tenancies.

If you are a land-owner or a developer we do consider joint ventures where we take an interest in the property whilst providing long term innovative tenancies. We are always on the look out for new sites however they must fit the following criteria:

  • Can house a minimum of 20+ hotel / lodge rooms – Our preference is over 50.
  • Are well suited to food and beverage facilities
  • Are located in or near major tourism locations with a minimum 500,000 annual guest nights.
  • The property is zoned and permitted for travellers accommodation and retail use.
  • Have a suitable site? Please feel free to get in touch.

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